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How Something Beautiful Was Borne Out of The Ugliness of a Global Pandemic

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The SomeTheme Events Origin Story

SomeTheme Events
Origin Story


On the heels of COVID-19, SomeTheme Events’ founder – Lisa Chandler – began receiving some unusual inquiries from engaged couples. Some wanted a shorter window of 60 to 90 days to plan their wedding. Some wanted a smaller guest list. Some wanted both. Through it all, she kept hearing the question, “What happens if there’s another pandemic.”

Unwelcome Change of Plans

According to a study by LendingTree, 63% of couples had to postpone their weddings in 2020 due to COVID, and more than half of those couples lost out on money – to the tune of an average of $3,300+. A new trend was taking shape as a result… the Mini-mony. Accustomed to planning weddings at some of Atlanta’s most lavish venues to accommodate guest lists in the hundreds, Lisa and her SomeTheme team suddenly received requests for weddings involving a much smaller number of guests. Suddenly, some of her go-to venues no longer made sense for these more diminutive audiences, or they were already booked well in advance and couldn’t accommodate tighter planning windows. The challenge was that her couples still wanted a lavish event, just in a smaller setting. That’s when a dream Lisa didn’t even know she had began to take shape.

“Many couples we met with post-COVID had heard the horror stories of people losing their venues, vendors, and money as a result of having to reschedule or cancel their weddings,” said Lisa. “For those who did attend a wedding in 2020, they saw the appeal of having a luxury event with fewer guests because they had attended events with distancing restrictions where the venue had mandated that guest lists be cut drastically. They loved the experience shared at those events. What they didn’t realize was that those events took several months or longer to plan. We tried to help these clients, knowing it would be difficult to find appropriately sized venues, vendors, and rentals available on such short notice – particularly in the face of supply chain issues. Finding the quality we were looking for proved to be difficult, so we were inspired by this new mindset coming from potential clients to come up with a new venue concept that could cater to clients who don’t always want the long planning periods and big guest lists.”

Peace of Mind in the Heart of Milton

The result was the new SomeTheme Events venue at Market District Crabapple. The vibrant neighborhood boasts an array of nearby conveniences, from salons and restaurants to entertainment options, with the added perk of a Starbucks conveniently located downstairs, making it an exciting and lively destination to be. Lisa added, “This luxury venue is the solution to the problem because our clients will enjoy a fun and beautiful location with service offerings created with their needs in mind. And the best part is we can craft their vision from start to finish – producing high-caliber events in record time for those who seek short planning periods. We even offer luxurious elopements that can be produced in as little as a week for those who want something special and elegant without the stress and expense of a full wedding. It can accommodate gatherings as small as 20 people or as large as 120. When planning events at other venues, we did not control the forfeiture of deposits. Now, with our own dedicated venue, should a future mandate ever require rescheduling, our couples will have the peace of mind of knowing they won’t lose deposits on our venue rental – as many did during the pandemic – because we let them choose a new date at no charge.”

Learn more about the lavish SomeTheme Events venue and view our gallery HERE (will link to venue page once live). To schedule a tour of our venue, please call 678-979-6769 or click here to access our secure online contact form (will link to book a tour form once live). For more information about SomeTheme Events, please visit our website at